Giotto management consultants is named after one of the most important painters and founders of the Renaissance: Giotto di Bondone. The originality of his work and the central position people take up in his paintings are an inspiration to us. Giotto di Bondone is considered one of the greatest innovators of the art of painting. He lived in northern Italy from 1267 until 1337 and worked for the biggest patrons of his time. Giotto gave his characters human facial expressions and emotions. He was also skilled at adding mass, depth and structure to the subject.

We mirror the innovation that Giotto – with the support of his patrons – was able to realise and the place he gave people in his work. Other than painters before him, he referred to everyday life: he placed Maria on a donkey and then painted a barking dog next to it. It was something that had never been done before and it was his way of turning great stories back to human proportions; the human measure Giotto management consultants also likes to apply in its work. Placing people first when there is a change, is the key to success.


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